It’s summer and you know what that means, BBQs, beaches, pool jams, and getting outside to do your partying. Summer also means the return of the sugary cocktail, form margaritas to pina coladas to the very slippery slopes of the mount mojito, these little buckets of fun often go down too easy.

So what? Well here’s where things get a little eye-opening, those cocktails you are so rapidly sippin’ are loaded with gut-busting calories, with the average being around 160 calories per drink and some as high as 500 per serving. Awwwwh hell no, sorry but its true and it’s a massive f-ing bummer. Bye Felisha.

Not only do the calories add up but the alcohol can make you feel sluggish because of dehydration, give you an afternoon hangover from hell and add an extra forty-five minutes to your workout if you want to keep that beach body you just worked so hard for all winter. Not to worry, all is not lost my strawberry daiquiri loving sun worshipers, there is a calorie-free solution that will give you a nice buzz with none of the nasty consequences. The Mezz mood enhancing vape line can sub in for that sugar bomb and dial up your vibe to just to perfect speed, they even have refreshing flavor notes.

Mezz Mellow – Think of this as your blueberry cocktail, yes subtle blueberry flavor notes will hit your taste buds ever so lightly delivering a relaxed and easy going effect. Just perfect for poolside chit chat and floating on giant flamingo rafts. (50% THC / 50% CBD Blends)

Mezz Inspire – Your minty mojito ship just came in, Inspire will take it up a notch with its spearmint flavor note and hybrid THC mix that’s a touch heavier than our Mellow line. Dial up your buzz a notch for some serious floating in the deep end – raft game strong. (60% THC / 40% CBD Blends)

Mezz UpTempo – Cinnamon flavor notes will tickle your senses and turn up your night with a Sativa dominant formulation of THC. If you are looking for something to take you past sunset and into the evening with effervescence, this is the vapor for you. (70% THC / 30% CBD Blends)

So we hope you enjoy our mood enhancing formulations this summer and can use them to replace the empty calorie libations from time to time, you might even like them so much that you say goodbye to Mr. Pina Colada forever?

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