Bust out your MezzMellow (because Indica is best when paired with silly shows), sit back and prepare to laugh… this is a party. Thank you Kevin Smith for Clerks, and Mallrats, and Jay and Silent Bob—and for all the hours of laughter. If the rest of these Hollyweed episodes are anything like this pilot, you once again nailed it.

Shot back in January 2016, Hollyweed never saw the light of day because no network wanted the show, according to Smith. Until now, sorta. Smith has teamed up with the crowdsourcing platform Rivit TV. Each episode of Hollyweed ranges from $1.99 to $5.99; it’s your call on how much you want to pay. Peep the pilot episode below and if you dig it, do what you can to help the man turn Hollyweed into a reality.

There are currently have 36 days left to greenlight season 1.