There are no denying the facts: vaping has some significant benefits over traditional combustion—aka smoking a joint or ripping a bong load. Because science says so. Doctors have looked into respiratory problems in those that vape and in those that smoke. The conclusion? The biggest concern about cannabis consumption from a health and safety POV comes from the physical act of smoking it. Fire. Vaporizers are designed to provide just enough heat to release the (Kraken) cannabinoids and not all the toxins associated with combustion. Health and wellness, winner. We also listed 5 other reasons why vaping THC is more conducive to the everyday lifestyle. Because facts.

1. Your Health & Wellness
Less smoke, less tar, fewer carcinogens (and just the essential oils), equals reduced respiratory problems. And a better looking, less wrinkly, older you. Plus you won’t smell like an old joint either, which is a better look (and smell) for attracting potential mates.

2. Potency
You can choose your experience according to personal preference. Mezz formulas range from 30% THC to maximum level—we’ve got you covered.

3. Taste
Our Mellow tastes like blueberry. Our Inspire tastes like mint. Our Up Tempo tastes like (new flavor alert: cinnamon is being replaced by mixed berry) and our Gold tastes like flower—for our purists.

4. Accessible
Vaping simplifies the process and lets you focus on enjoying the moment. Rolling joints and packing bowls isn’t the easiest thing to do while you’re out and about living life.

5. Discrete
In the park, on the lift, at the restaurant, at the club, and just about anywhere. No big clouds of dank smelling smoke to give you away, vaping is stealth and odor free. You can enjoy Mezz all day, every day and no one around you would be the wiser.

6. Money
Combustion wastes your cannabis. Lighting cannabis on fire is basically like watching (roughly half) the money you just spent going up in smoke. No bueno for your dinero.