Today’s insane barrage of information and content is so overwhelming that it can often lead to analysis paralysis. You know the feeling even though you might not know the term, it’s when you are staring at your Spotify menu and have no idea what to play or Netflix, how often have you spent an hour sifting through all the choices and end up watching nothing. We as humans can only process so much, so when we are given too much to choose from our brains lock up like an old Volkswagon. This overabundance of choices can often kill the joy of music and content, and it’s probably a big reason so many people are starting to consider old media again.

Vinyl, cassettes, and CDs are relics to many of us, but they have not gone away, and many of you might be surprised that there is a resurgence in these formats. Why would anyone want a vinyl record aside from the cool kitsch factor? The desire for some is much higher quality sound, and for others it’s merely about reigning it into a select group of choices, owning your music and being able to pick it up or browse through it.

Whatever your take on all this, here are some inspiring reasons to visit your local record store. Mezz is all about the experience, so before you head out to your local spot, we recommend hitting Mezz Inspire for the perfect balance of uplifting energy and heady goodness.

1. Get reacquainted with music from days gone by. So many of us get caught up on all the new new new that we forget about the tunes we used to love. Most record stores have a great selection of used CDs and vinyl that are inexpensive and often contain out of print works, rare stuff, and just a bunch of things you forgot that you loved. As you flip through the bins, you will almost always discover hidden gems that will bring you back to some fantastic time in your life.

2. Discovering new music at a record store is often a much more rewarding experience than digging through Spotify – just because it’s more manageable. Head to a section that is unfamiliar to you, like world music, for example. Often you will find music there you never thought of looking for, I recently saw an incredible compilation from Mr. Bongo Records called The Original Sound Of Mali loaded with astonishing afrobeat, folk, r&b and soul from Africa from the 60s and 70s. The cover art just drew me in, three hip Mali dudes on motorcycles – it just looked like it would sound badass. So I bought it.

The Original Sound Of Mali – Vinyl 2-LP/CD


3. The other way to discover music might sound counter-intuitive to many of you but let’s not forget that back in the day album art would lure you in to pick up a record. I can’t tell you how many amazing compilations I’ve discovered only because the album artwork pulled me in, just like The Original Sound of Mali comp, it looked like it would be good so I picked it up – and I was right. Cover art can often be misleading so I will usually look up a record on Google to see if I can get a listen before I buy it.

4. If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on records and CDs, there is a great way to browse record stores and still catalog all your great finds – carry your phone with you. If you find your basket filled with too much music, then it might be time to trim it down and save the records you are iffy about to your Spotify account. Most of the time an album will be available, so if you are not 100 on it, save it to your cue. Having physical records is all about curating the best of the best, there is no need to have massive collections anymore with the luxury of streaming.

When you have consumed a little cannabis, this whole experience becomes even more rewarding, exciting and for some even nostalgic. Cannabis brings you closer to your music; it can bring you inside a song even, helping you to hear it in new ways and in a more profound way. Record stores are still just as amazing as they always were, if not even more so these days. If you are a music fan, maybe it’s time to consider a little home set-up with a turntable, CD player or even a cassette deck? The experience of listening to music this way suddenly becomes an active and engaged experience, not just a passive playlist.

We’ll see you at the record store. #Inspire

Some great spots in Denver

Twist & Shout Records
2508 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80206
(303) 722-1943

Angelo’s CDs & More
937 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 863-8668

Wax Trax Records
620 E 13th Ave
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 860-0127