“My favorite thing about the Oregon cannabis industry is the people.”

Laws surrounding cannabis are changing quickly since more and more states have been embracing medical cannabis. That’s why the industry needs a good lawyer like Portland-based Green Light Law Group’s Brad Blommer to help guide businesses towards success. So, pay attention new entrepreneurs, financiers, and established companies. Brad and the rest of the Green Light team can help you in the formation of new businesses, to investing, financing, lease negotiations, licensing, and litigation.

It’s a busy time of year, but Blommer was able to squeeze MAGNETIC in for a fun Q&A to share his expertise, along with the journey that led him to work in one of the most exciting sectors in the world.

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when did you get involved in the cannabis industry?

I got involved soon after Measure 91 passed in Oregon. I have always followed the industry’s progress and knew it would need seasoned attorneys to assist it moving forward.

what experience are you bringing to gllg? what industry were you in before? what’s your role now?

My initial training was all geared toward trial work. I clerked for a trial court judge out of law school and worked in litigation law firms on the east coast before moving to Oregon. My other passion is real estate, which led me to forming a real estate investment company in Oregon. I formed my own practice in 2010 in Portland, which focused primarily on litigation, real estate and business law. I founded Green Light Law Group in 2015 with a partner, Perry Salzhauer. I also handle a lot of compliance and corporate work.

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