Meet Mike Knopping, owner and founder of Denver-based Party Guru Productions. Mike likes to party—a lot. And he’s good at it. Before Party Guru Productions, Knopping gained recognition for throwing some of the most wild and outrageous house parties, block parties and underground warehouse parties in the Denver metro area. He’s been turning up long enough to earn the nickname “The Party Guru,” a tagline gleaned for being the go to source for all things fun and nocturnal for the party people around him.

Knopping turned his extraordinary passion for late-night festivities into a business in 2011 and hasn’t hit pause since. “I can out party anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.” And he walks the walk. Chances are if you’ve been out and about in Denver, you’ve probably run into Knopping doing his thing. “It’s not unusual to see me attending at least three to five concerts, events or nightclubs on any given night,” he says. Which makes complete sense when your company motto is “Partying is our business…and business is good!”

Over the last 7+ years, Party Guru Productions has become a force to be reckoned with within the Colorado nightlife scene. Known for their extensive and diverse list of events, venues and genres, which Knopping credits as a “direct reflection of his personal taste in a wide variety of music and extracurricular activities.”

One of those moonlighting activities happens to be brand ambassador for Mezz. We tossed a few questions to this professional partier and #MezzLife enthusiast; meet Mike Knopping…

What’s the secret to your success?
To be honest and genuine in all that I do; I’ve always done everything in my power to avoid any type of shady business or backstabbing, which can be quite prevalent in my line of work. If you bust your ass, treat people right and provide a quality service people will notice. And more importantly, I can go to bed every night knowing that I did my best and that any success that I enjoy hasn’t come at someone else’s expense.

Tell me about your relationship with cannabis.
When I first started smoking I literally could not start my day without a wake and bake, and would continue to blaze heavily throughout the day. These days I use a nice indica to unwind, relax and reward myself for a hard days work. I also love to partake in some sweet stinky sativa when I’m out enjoying all the amazing outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

Why did you want to be a Mezz brand ambassador?
I wanted to be affiliated with a quality product that had a similar view on MMJ and the MMJ lifestyle.

How and when did you discover Mezz?
I’ve known about Mezz for quite some time after purchasing one of their products in a dispensary on my way up to Vail to snowboard for the day. That’s why I was thrilled to find out there was an opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador for the company. Once I learned about Mezz, their lifestyle brand and their origins, I become a true believe in the product.

Do you have a preferred formula?
When I’m out and about Up Tempo is definitely my go to. But nothing hits the spot like my Mellow pen after a long day at the office.

What is your most treasured possession?
I have drawers filled with photo albums that contain tickets and backstage passes from EVERY show that I’ve attended—ever. While it holds no nominal value, the memories and good times they represent are priceless.

What’s something your best friend would be surprised to know about you?
Despite my extremely extroverted and sometimes obnoxious demeanor, I’m actually terrified of public speaking.

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