Whether you are an experienced user or a total noob, the Mezz Mellow formulation can be used in all sorts of ways to help chase that #Mezzlife in more of a relaxed fashion.


The classic “stoner” notion of insanely high THC potency still rings true for the hardcore cannabis user (see Mezz Gold), but for many of us, we are not looking to come home after work and become a piece of furniture. Today’s more casual cannabis consumer (and even some more core users) are looking for something lighter, something that might resemble a glass of wine, not a shot of ether to the face. Enter the mighty Mezz Mellow.

The first thing you will notice about this vapor of the gods is the subtle blueberry notes that dance on your tongue after taking a pull. Think of this as a pleasant aftertaste or like the essence in a flavored sparkling water.

After a few pulls, users will experience a gentle buzz that brightens the senses and relaxes you at the same time. The perfect balance of THC and our proprietary CBD blends formulated exclusively for Mezz by Evolab (50% THC / 50% CBD blends).

Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy Mezz’ Mellow formulation.

1. Food x Mellow – This is a stoner stereotype for a good reason because it’s true. Food will taste better for most of you and even the process of making it will become enjoyable. Flavors will explode, textures will become sensational, and you will be in flavor heaven. Pair Mellow with fresh fruit in season, we suggest blueberries for the maximum effect.

2. Art Museums or gallery hopping – Mellow opens you up for a more in-depth or altered perspective into works of art. You might find yourself appreciating work in new ways you never thought possible. Does Mezz Mellow turn you into an art critic for the New York Times, no it does not, but you might feel that way after a couple of hits.

3. Cocktail parties – This blueberry magic formulation does something extraordinary; it makes you social. While most novices associate cannabis use with being paranoid or couching it, this is just not the case with Mellow. The high CBD blend helps manage the intensity of the THC and allows you to socialize with ease. Everything is more fun when you invite Mellow to the party!

4 Hikes – Yes, we mean it. Whether you are walking around Las Vegas or on the mountain trails of Colorado, everything will be more vibrant and enhanced. You will see and feel your hike in new ways, the smells, the sounds, the lights, the clouds (you get it) all will pop like you are putting an Instagram filter on it. To notch it up one more level, try wearing some headphones with some of your favorite jams.

5. Tub it – Ok so this is more for the ladies, but hey, dudes if you want to fluff it up in a bubble bath we aren’t judging. It’s all about the atmosphere here, so dim the lights, drop in the bath bomb bubble thing and turn on some relaxed tunes. You will start to feel the stress fall away like Kanye West fans after giving Trump props.

These are just a few ideas on how to dial in your Mezz Mellow experience. If you’ve got some good ones, we want to hear from you. Seriously, just hit us at [email protected] with your ideas, and if we like them, we will send you some Mezz gear as a thank you and post you up on the blog.